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The Foundation's Participation in the CSW Planning Meetings

Starting from October 2011 Al-Hakim Foundation with other members of NGO committee on CSW started attending the monthly
planning meeting for CSW 56th which will take place on February 2012.
UN Representative of the foundation Dr. Jafar Jawad was elected as a member in large of the Executive Committee for the NGOCSW/NY
on June 2011.
Dr. Jawad and his colleagues in the E.C. continue to make every effort to facilitate the work of the committee and to coordinate with UN
Women to facilitate the participation of organizations from around the world on CSW56

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Dr. Jawad talking to UN Women E.D. Michelle Bachelet  
The Foundation Presents its Annual Congregational Wedding Ceremony
S.G Meets With Vatican Ambassador in Iraq

S.G. welcomed in Baghdad (Giorgio Lingua) Ambassador of the Vatican in Iraq Tuesday, 6/3/2012, His Eminence stressed that
Christians in Iraq are an important component in the Iraq society.
Vatican's ambassador expressd his pleasure to meet with Al-Hakim valuing the role of His Eminence and his courage in the defense
of Christians and help them and follow up their affairs in their happiness and sadness.
S.G Receives A Letter of Thanks from the Vatican Pope

His Hollines Benedict XVI expressed his thanks and appreciation for the congratulations sent by Al-Hakim on the occasion of Christmas, valuing the
positions of His Eminence in the attention and care of the Christian component in Iraq.
The Pope valued in a letter Sunday, 2/26/2012 the great humanitarian sentiments to Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim for all the Iraqi people, Iraq's Christians
and their participation in the last Christmas in a number of churches in Baghdad, as well as the presence of His Eminence in the ceremony for the
martyrs of the Church of Deliverance in Baghdad.
Al-Hakim Foundation Opens Up Al-Basheer Medical Center

On 09/03/2012 Sayyed Ammar Al-Hakim S.G of Al-Hakim Foundation opened the Al-Bashir public clinic which was
sponsored by the foundation.
His Eminence called on the private sector to take a role in promoting the health system in Iraq and reduce the burden
on the governmental health institutions, H.E. pointed out that areas with high populations need to have health
services provide by both public, and governmental institutions, while stressing the support of such projects that
contribute to the service of the community.

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